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Insights garnered through Jennifer McLean's Coaching Call, written by Matt Thompson

There are so many ways to shape your copy and use your unique voice & writing style to share your products and services with the world. But, at the foundation of all those brilliant features, benefit statements, and overflowing sales pages, there is one question you should always be asking: How is my ideal customer going to respond?

Writing for your ideal customer is paramount when it comes to selling your products or services – especially when doing so online. Without the opportunity to be in your customer’s presence nor the ability to feed off their responses and tailor your information to meet their needs in the moment, you’re gonna need another strategy.

So, what do you do?

The answer is simple: Think like they think, respond like they respond, and read your copy just as they would. Then, edit accordingly.

Here are three simple, instantly applicable steps you can use to make sure you’re thinking like your customer while crafting those beautiful websites, sales pages, and opt-in pages:



1. Read every headline, sub-head, statement, and summary as if you have no idea what you do.


It’s easy for you to understand what you do for a living, what you offer your community and to know how incredibly valuable your goods and services are… but is it just as easy for your ideal customer to do the same? Without your expertise, experience, certifications and the insight you’ve garnered over the last several decades, would all who visit your page fully understand what you do and want to start paying you, RIGHT NOW?

Starting from the top of your page, go through ALL of your content and pretend like you have no idea what you do. Does it make sense (Do you know what each class, product, level or workshop means)? Is it enticing? Are you immediately interested and drawn in? If you answered “Yes!” then great, but if you said “well…maybe” or even “no, not really” then keep re-working it until you’re appealing to experts and novices alike. There’s no harm in telling potential customers what they’ll receive.



2. Make every link an actionable benefit statement.


If you’re skimming websites for an abundance coaching program and come across a link that reads: “CLICK HERE to Learn More” while another says: “CLICK HERE to Welcome Greater Abundance, Joy and Prosperity… Starting Today!” which would you want to click?

If you said the latter, you’re in the majority. By sharing the benefit of your products with your customers throughout your page and highlighting those benefits when you want them to take action, they are much more likely to do what you’re hoping. Leave nothing to chance and don’t assume your customers already know enough – give them the benefits they need to take the action you want.


3. Speak to the potential transformation that your product or service offers and use the remarkably powerful “Imagine…” statement.

By looking for the tangible transformational value behind each benefit statement, you can show your customers how their lives will change for the better once they begin using your products and services. For every product feature, give your customers a benefit statement.

Put that ideal customer hat on, let yourself exist in their energy, feel into their desired lifestyle and help them imagine what your products will enable them to do. When speaking to a product that creates greater health & wellness, you could say: “Imagine running, jumping and flowing freely within your body” or “Imagine having the vitality to chase your grandchildren around the yard, making memories that they’ll cherish forever.”

What are your ideal customers not capable of doing that they could be doing if they only had YOUR products? Craft those powerful benefit statements and let them know how transformational your goods really are.


By embracing these three simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to writing copy that will not only appeal to your ideal customer, it will entice them, excite them and get them to take action.

Words are extraordinarily powerful – make yours targeted and purposeful.

To learn more about crafting your copy and inspiring your ideal customer to buy your incredible products & services, listen to Jennifer McLean’s abundantly insightful workshop, HERE.
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