Knowing The Brilliance Of Your Customers – The Game ChangerApril, 10 2014 / Comments

Thinking you know “more than” or “better than” your clients and customers is something that many entrepreneurs do “to” their customers.

What if… you don’t know better than your customers? What if they have the genius within them and your job is to reflect that genius back to them?

Your job as a coach or mentor, or offering of a product or service, is to meet them where they are.

Your intention as a heart-centered Success Signature entrepreneur is to know deep inside that your customers called you forth to nudge them into the next level of their greatness.


This should be a GREAT relief to you… you can stop working your mind so hard to “make it happen.” This is a new state of being – trusting the process that they will find that you and all of your work with them is to gently nudge them into their greatness.

Now, that’s not to say that you sit on a mountaintop and “ommm” your way to attracting clients. But, that place of trust is definitely part of the equation.

So, here is where many go wrong… where I, in fact, went wrong.

I did really well in corporate America. I was successful and well-respected and my clients were mostly happy.

When I quit, I put myself in this position where I tried something — internet marketing — that didn’t work. I’d put all my eggs in that basket and had nothing by the end of it.

I tried to will this new effort into being. I thought I knew better than my customers, knew what was best for them. Now, coming from both a place of “not having” and a place of “knowing better” creates an energy of pressure.

What happens when we get into this place of pressure – where we need something, and when we run a business from a position of pressure – is that our customers know it. They can sniff it. They can feel it.

The strategy to move beyond this practice is to go into your sacred chamber, your sacred heart, and access your inner mastery. When you play there, in this field of love in your business from your Success Signature, you can’t help but see the brilliance of your customers.

From here, you are in a pace of honoring your customers and knowing that they know what’s best for them.

Now you are offering something that can heighten what they already know.

I know that everyone who is in our Success Signature program is brilliant.

I know that those of you who are reading this blog post right now are “genius pants.” I know it. I knew that when I created the program, when I created this blog and membership site.

I know you’re brilliant.

So, if you know that your customers are brilliant, guess what. There’s no pressure there. You don’t know something they don’t know. You don’t have to make them wrong.

Now, coming from this perspective, everything in your business transforms… copywriting changes, graphic look and feel changes, your brand, itself, changes.

When we come from a place of light and we’re simply shedding some light onto our customers and their lives, helping them to see what is already there, we’re just shedding light. That’s what we’re doing. We’re just shedding light.

And, do you know what else is happening? We’re all lighting up. We’re all receiving light.

So, move from that light – from that trust, and let it light up all your strategies and tactics… and your customer will find you.

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