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Ditching the multi-task mentality for a more peaceful, productive, joy-filled life... by Matt Thompson

How often do you find yourself chipping away at an overshadowing mountain of “work,” ending your day feeling as though you haven’t made any progress at all?

Maybe you’re left feeling drained, exhausted or just plain worn-out?

When working on one project, do you feel the nudge of the rest of your list tapping you on the shoulder, distracting you and pulling your focus away?

Are you thinking about your list right now?

Well, you’re not alone.

It can feel completely natural to want to tackle everything on your to-do list, RIGHT NOW… but is that really serving You, your Success Signature, or your soul’s purpose?

In reality, juggling multiple projects just makes life more hectic and adds distraction. AND, when we multi-task or rush through projects, we can easily lose sight of what really matters: the quality of our work and the intention behind it.

Take a breath, give yourself a moment and imagine this scenario:

There’s a single ball floating your way and you’ve been charged with the task of catching it. That’s it – nothing more; nothing less.

Visualize one ball coming toward you at a nice steady pace and keep your focus on the only thing you need to do… catch it. As it moves closer, you can see what kind of ball it is – everything’s coming into focus.


  • The details,
  • How fast it’s moving,
  • The texture on its surface,
  • Whether it’s rotating or not,
  • How soft or hard it might be,
  • Any blemishes its surface holds,
  • And any other details that will help you accomplish your goal of catching it

Odds are, you can describe what the ball looks like, its speed, its position above AND you know everything you need in order to catch it. With one ball in the air, you’re focused, driven and know EXACTLY how to accomplish your goal because you had adequate time and space to dissect the process.

NOW, repeat the process above and add another ball or two, three, or four.

It’s a VERY different process, right? Your goal is still the same but you’re trying to catch all of the balls as they come your way.

Are you able to visualize how to do so without dropping a single one?

What you’ll find is that as you throw more elements into the mix, it becomes exponentially more difficult to give them the same depth of attention and focus. As a result, you spread yourself thinner and thinner and reach a state of overwhelm more quickly while trying to get everything done.

Not only will you feel worn out, your quality of work may even start to suffer.

So, here’s how you stay focused, maintain your brilliant quality of work and still accomplish EVERYTHING on your list:

On a recent call at Success Signature Labs Membership Site, we got together with Mike Pearson and Jessica Krewson and dove into a new way of thinking about the work we’re doing and the mindset we’re working within.

The resulting conversation was… AMAZING.

We came away with two powerful processes that serve to simplify each and every day spent working.

First, Mike led us to first identify our top 5 priorities then accomplish them, checking off the items that fill us up, have the greatest impact and really feed our love of what we do for work.

This process applies to your lifetime, your month or even your week. You can use it over and over again to make sure you’re in alignment with what you really need to be getting done.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Grab a piece of paper and (on the left side of the page) write down 25 things you want to get done.
  2. Circle the top 5 on your list – this one can take some time. Be patient.
  3. Write your top 5 on the right side of your page.
  4. Collect the remaining 20 and put them in an “Absolutely do not touch (under any circumstances) until the top 5 are done” list.
  5. Take another breath and dive into your top 5… one at a time.

And, here’s the kicker: give yourself the time and space to work on your top 5.

Allow for twists and turns as each task evolves. Take time to breathe as you’re creating. Know that each item will take as long as it takes…

No amount of rushing, worrying or thinking about the other 4 items on your list will speed up the creative process. So, just allow them to be.

The more you surrender to the perfect pace of focusing on a single task at a time, the more effective you’ll become.

As a creative, heart-centered entrepreneur, you have a brilliant capacity to inspire transformation and literally change lives each and EVERY day.

The work you’re doing is remarkable (to say the least), so freeing up space and offering the most potent version of your Self and your remarkable products and services will not only generate more revenue, you’ll inspire greatness on the largest possible scale.

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