Moving From “It Never Gets Started” to “Spontaneous Creation”June, 3 2014 / Comments

Have you ever felt like you have so much information that’s coming through that it’s overwhelming?

Maybe you thought to yourself, “How do I get my program, product, etc., going when there’s so much information coming through? How do I parse through it all and deliver a succinct package?”

This also falls into the domain of “it has to be perfect before I can get it out there” and is the reason 80% of new companies fail.

So, this challenge of too much content (that doesn’t seem organized) is actually a good problem to have, if you have it.

But this “good problem” often stops a lot of entrepreneurs. It often seems like this overload of content is just too much. Maybe you feel like you don’t know what to keep, how to present it, how to package it.

What if there is a TOTALLY different way to look at this?

We talk a lot in the Success Signature program about allowing the heart to be the guide, the “sacred chamber,” the home of your Success Signature to be in command. When the heart is the commander, it lets the mind off the hook of having to figure it all out, result in space and, simultaneously, creativity.

Often times your mind wants to be really organized and have a script and an outline for your products and services. Many times this is totally appropriate. Yet, it can also get out of hand to the point where you almost feel like you’re not serving your customers/clients if you aren’t SUPER organized. RIGHT? That is the place where the inner perfectionist is starting to interfere.

So, what if — and I’m just playing here — What if you were able to have a very loose outline, very loose – like five to ten bullet points – around a theme instead of a fully thought-out documented and packaged product, coaching program or live workshop?

What if you start your program/product off instead by briefly discussing a specific theme and then allowing your ideal customers and customers to ask questions?


What if you, in the moment of a recording, tapped into your ideal client on this theme and these bullet points and just started to riff?

This may seem antithetical, but I have found that you’re actually serving your customers way better in a co-creative spontaneous way than what you think they need from your mind’s perspective.

It’s a very unique way of working. It’s the way I work. AND it isn’t for everyone. You don’t have to do it for every class, product or service, but you could start playing with it.

As I have coached many with this way spontaneous creation and have used this for myself, I have happened upon and really discovered, in the moment, my newest material.

This is the domain of true creativity. What’s so cool is, as you tap into your ideal customers in the moment of creation, and with a loose outline of intention, your customers are feeding you the answers they are looking for.


No more figuring out, WAY less work, and more powerful and creative content that your customers can REALLY use.

Again this is not for everyone. There are times where a script and succinct outline are needed. But this is a GREAT way to get the process started… And you might even find this is the way to actually get a finished product done VERY quickly.

So, let me outline the steps for you:

Put together a loose bulleted outline of 5 – 10 points you want to cover
Tap into your Success Signature and your inner mastery
Tap into your ideal customers, feel them as if they are in front of you
Start to riff. You could even start with “This is stupid. Jennifer told me to do this and I don’t like it. There is nothing coming through. Wait, she did say have the bulleted items… OK, if I were to talk about the first item off the top of my head, what I might say is…” (And you are off).
Edit the recording and you have a product

NOTE: If you want to do this for a live coaching program, you could be super transparent with your coaching group and tell them, “I’m going to do a bonus call where it’s a free-flow call because my coach told me to do it.” Actually, tell them that and then there you are, completely free, because their expectation is it’s a bonus call and an experiment… and they will love contributing to you.

A trick to use to show yourself whether you are ready to try this model of spontaneous creation is to ask yourself, “If I were in front of a live audience and they asked me just about any question on the theme of my topic, could I answer it?”

If the answer is yes, then you are ready for spontaneous creation.

If the answer is no, then consider working more around going deeper into your message and your curriculum. (Getting savvy with your curriculum is another topic for another blog post.)

Bottom line — PLAY with this spontaneous co-creative process. It really works.

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