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Your customers do not care one iota what is happening in your life or your business when it comes to something that may be a problem for them.

Your problems are not their problem — EVEN IF THEY CREATED THE PROBLEM.

Now, that may sound kind of harsh, but it’s the reality of customer service that will change everything once you know it.

Let me share a story, by way of example, to give you an idea of what I am talking about…

I had a set of clients and my part-time assistant was given the task of taking care of some logistics for the program in which these clients were participating.

At one point, my assistant got really busy with her own business and didn’t share that with me. Subsequently, she got behind on delivering some materials for my clients.

Instead of coming to me, she explained to the clients that while she was sorry for the delay she was just “sooo busy working 80 hours a week” along with everything ELSE that was on her plate.

Well, those clients didn’t give a poop what my assistant’s issues were. They didn’t care how much she was working or how that impacted her ability to serve them.

They wanted what they wanted. Period.

Your customers want what they want. Even if you have GREAT excuses, they don’t care. They want only a solution not an explanation.

Think of those times you’ve been on the phone with a customer service representative and they had an attitude about serving you or they seemed like they didn’t care.

AGAIN… Customers (even when you are one) simply want a solution. They DON’T WANT AN EXCUSE – especially if it comes from an energy of defensiveness.

My grandmother used to say, “Don’t complain and don’t explain.” This is an ABSOLUTE law for customer service.

So, if you are feeling your customers aren’t appreciating your efforts and that they should change their attitude… then you should not be in business (smile).

Their attitude is YOUR responsibility.

If they mess up and order two when they meant to order one and you couldn’t get back to them about it within 48 hours… this is YOUR PROBLEM.

If the customer messes up and can’t figure out what is (to you) a simple step, and then gets exacerbated because your server went down… It is YOUR problem.

Now that you are starting to get it, here is how to find peace with it.

First, communication with a “smile energy” can unravel anything. Having an inner smile – even putting on a smile as you email back a response or talk to them live will change the energy.

Second, you can explain “what happened” but not so they will go “oh, I get it… I’m so sorry I was upset with you.” Nope, that’s not the intention. It’s so they know you are taking responsibility.

Here is a script to give you an example…

“OOPS, due to a blackout in Texas where our servers are housed, our servers went down. While I know this is not your problem, we wanted to at least explain. Now here is what we want to do to overcome any inconvenience you’ve had. [Give solution here]. Our sincere apologies, thank you for bringing it to our attention so we could deal with it.”

Here is one if you took too long to respond (heck, it happens right?)…

“Gosh, I want to sincerely apologize for taking much too long to respond. We had a glitch in our system that prevented us from getting back to you in a timely manner. That is not an excuse and we want to make it right for you. So, not only are we going to [give solution here], but here is an extra gift [free download]. We hope this small token will make up for the inconvenience. Thanks for your partnership.”

Another way to find peace with the fact that you’re not going to receive much compassion from your customers is to simply stop fighting that energy of “Don’t they get how hard I work for them?!”

When you are there at “don’t they know,” stop. Take a breath. Go into your Success Signature, into your inner wisdom and find some internal peace.

Appreciate yourself, allow that inner support to acknowledge what you are up to and your commitment to making a difference.

Then, from this inner place, know that your customers are fighting internal battles as well and their first instinct is to blame. From this inner place, we can now see their defensiveness with compassion.

From that inner space of awareness and compassion, you can take an upset customer and turn them into a lifelong loyal partner.

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