Releasing Your “But”May, 27 2014 / Comments

Being an entrepreneur brings with it the hazards of seeming overwhelm and with that comes the sensation of being unsure, thinking we don’t know.

That “unsureness” often sounds like “yeah, but.”

Yeah, but you don’t know what I’m going through.

Yeah, but I have a great excuse for not succeeding.

Yeah, but this is just too much.

I’m putting on a happy face… BUT…

Getting in touch with your “yeah, but” or “but” can free your Success Signature to have more wiggle room, a bigger container to receive and to create.

Okay, let’s play….

So what would it feel like in your body if there was no “yeah, but?” Just feel it. Just allow yourself to go there.

We’re just playing here, pretending. We’re just going to pretend that there’s no but. What would it feel like in your being, in your body, in your expression if there wasn’t any “but?”

It’s ok to sense and feel the “but.” For now let’s put the “but” outside of our energy field. Picture where your energy field is and put the, “Yeah, but,” outside of that energy field. Just feel it going outside there.

For some of you, it may look like a person, an object, an emotion. Whatever it is, let the “but” go outside your energy field.

There, you may just feel a breath. Feel that breath now with no “but” in your field.

What does it feel like in your body right now, in your being right now, in your expression right now to not have a “but” or a “Yeah, but?”

When I do this exercise in groups, the answers vary from spacious and accepting to freedom. What does it feel like to you?

The “but” is often associated with judgment; this is now the opportunity to sense acceptance, allowing and loving. The “but” is just a symptom that is seeking your attention.

The next question to ask is what do you want to do with that “but” now? It’s out there, outside your field, sitting right out there. What does it require? What do you need around this “but” now?

You can be gentle and loving with it. You can watch it dissolve. You can unhook it. You can do whatever you want with the “but.” And come from a place of light if you can. The light is the thing that creates transformation, transmutation, transmogrification, re-patterning and re-aligning

When doing this in a group, one of the responses was as follows:

“I could just sit and tell it, ‘Thank you for trying to protect me and trying to just watch everything and cover my ass. My but is trying to cover my butt.’”

That is what is possible… We get to understand that even the perceived obstacle found in a “yeah, but” is actually there to protect us, to guide us and we can use it.

In the Success Signature model, “use everything” is a constant rallying cry… This is your opportunity to use your “but” to see a grander picture and release the pressure of overwhelm found in your “yeah, buts.”

It brings the opportunity to just let go, unravel and be thankful for where you are as it guides you to what’s next.

Now, through this releasing your “but” process, your Success Signature, that purpose, that divine potential that is within you, has all this wiggle room without any but.

Now, go play in a but-free life. :)

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