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Excerpt From a LIVE Coaching Call With Jennifer McLean on July 24, 2014

“How am I driving traffic to my website – how do I get customers to discover all these amazing things I have to offer?”
“How am I spurring engagement with my customers?”
“What am I doing to effectively “sell” my products and services?”

Have you ever asked any of these questions?
As an online entrepreneur in an age when everyone has something to sell, the world has become a smaller place and customers have access to more content, products and services than they could ever weed through.

Driving traffic is something we explore at length in the Success Signature program and we’ve even had an interview conversation with Tellman Knudson, a remarkable marketer who’s transformed countless businesses by helping them reform the way they reach their audience (Click Here to listen to that interview).

The interview with Tellman will get you up and running toward driving the traffic you’re really after – but, once you get these new potential customers to your site, how do you keep them interested and motivate them to stay?

How do you get new visitors to embrace your content, your products and your services?

On a recent Success Signature Labs Membership Site coaching call with Jennifer McLean, we explored that very topic and dove into the need for and importance of a sales page.

Sales pages are the first step to creating customers who actually promote your work. They enable you to convert potential customers into active participants who embrace what you offer, use it in their own life and ultimately share it with their friends, family, loved ones and communities.

A clear, concise and properly-planned sales page is an essential arrow to have in your quiver. If you don’t have one, now’s the time to start building.

When you’re building your sales page, you’ll need to collect the following:

  • A compelling headline (or subject line) that immediately sparks interest and explains what you’re offering
  • Benefit statements that explain what you’re offering
  • A list of your product/service features
  • A price-point that is in alignment with your ideal customer’s budget
  • Testimonials (if you have them), and
  • Concise descriptions of each aspect of what you’re selling

Begin crafting your sales page now.
Start with an outline and define what it is that you want to say and what sets your products and services apart – then, flesh it out with benefit statements, the nitty-gritty details of what you’re offering, customer testimonials and edit, edit, edit.

Remember, this page is your voice to your customers and your front-line of communicating the features and benefits of your awesomeness through the internet.

For a few examples of sales pages that work, take a look at:

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