Three Steps to Transforming Your Daily WorkflowAugust, 5 2014 / Comments

Tips and Processes Gleaned From Mike Pearson & Jessica Krewson's Coaching Call on 7/31/2014

We’ve all felt it: the impending weight of an ever-growing to-do list, overflowing with essential tasks, asterisks and ASAP flags. There’s a certain uneasiness that bubbles up from the bottom of your stomach when you read through a laundry list of tasks that absolutely HAVE to get done and if left untreated, this condition causes stagnation, frustration, confusion and above all, PROCRASTINATION.

So, how do you weed through that list of essentials without feeling the overwhelm and create a sense of order that actually SUPPORTS your progress?

How do you break down that list to meet YOUR needs and YOUR schedule?

How do you choose what to do now and what to put on the back burner?

That’s exactly what we covered in last week’s Success Signature Experts Live Coaching Call with Mike Pearson, our Marketing and Operations Savant, and Jessica Krewson, our Design & Visual Strategies Guru.

The first step is often the simplest in theory but can sometimes be the most difficult.
Are you ready?

Here it is – Start NOW.
Follow these three strategies to take off running into a new routine of productivity today:

1. Choose 2 to 3 tasks that you’re going to accomplish tomorrow
Before your head hits the pillow tonight, choose 2-3 tasks (big or small) that you are absolutely, without fail, going to get done tomorrow.

Start your day with the top-2 tasks that you need to accomplish. Give yourself the gift of closing skype, not checking email, texts or settling into the other monotonous filler that comes through until you are done with those two tasks.

At the end of the day, knowing what you’ve accomplished and being able to check off those items not only gives you more space to breathe, it frees up your mind and gives you space to fully focus on what’s next.

2. Pick a cleanup day
Mike Pearson shared that he makes sure his Friday is free from meetings and outside distractions so that he can clear his digital desk, wrap up any open tasks or projects that need to be completed that week and prepare for the week ahead.

When you start your “cleanup day,” ask yourself what needs to be done so you can unwind over the course of the weekend and begin your Monday feeling refreshed and recharged. This little gift might seem like a no-brainer but religiously sticking to it will shift the way you handle your Saturday and Sunday.

3. Get to know your flow
Take a few minutes (or more) to think about yourself:

  • When is your mind functioning more analytically?
  • When are your creative juices flowing?
  • When are you most driven?
  • When are you dragging energetically?

Get to know how you function throughout the day and plan what needs to get done around your own schedule. You’ll be amazed by how effortlessly you take care of what used to be a daunting to-do list. By scheduling the right tasks at the right times of day, you can accomplish much more in a much shorter period of time.

While this list isn’t exhaustive by any means, it’s a foundation to build on.

What about you? What do you do to streamline your workflow?

We all have strategies and processes, little tricks and tools we use to accomplish our day-to-day more efficiently while taking advantage of our highs and lows.
What are some of yours?

Use the comments section below to share your insights and help others improve their process, better taking advantage of their day.

Today is a new day and tomorrow is just waiting for you to take charge.

  • What will you accomplish?
  • What will you create?
  • How are YOU going to change the world?

Consider this: Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Jay-Z and Beyonce have only ever had 24 hours in a day.

You have the same capacity and the same potential – isn’t it time you started to take advantage of those 24 hours?

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