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One of our Success Signature community members shared that her body was in pain when she experienced a huge win. It was a 5-figure-payday that came out of the blue, right after module 1, and it was accompanied with physical pain.

There are actual symptoms of success especially after a seeming “dry spell.”

It is actually a part of success, and it’s wonderful.

What happens when something starts to awaken, when your Success Signature wakes up and your three-dimensional being starts experiencing the powerful expansion of your Success Signature, there’s a little gap…

…there’s this waking up gap.

Just like when your foot’s fallen asleep; it starts to wake up and it hurts a little bit — it’s tingling and pins and needles — it’s the same idea. There’s energy moving in a way that is unfamiliar or that hasn’t moved before.

We’re in a different stage here on the planet right now. This is a different time and we are experiencing a new wave of possibility through our hearts. The Success Signature program is a heart-centered program.

So, for many of us, we’ve never moved this way before.

When we start moving in this new direction, it’s like we’re in this place of absolute unknown territory. This is so brand new, and we tend to – as a habituated process – cling to what we’ve known and with that which we’ve been comfortable in the past.

If you are reading these words, you are likely living more and more in a heart-centered way (vs. a head-centered way). As we move and evolve into the heart – into what I call the “sacred chamber”, the center point of the soul – we are also simultaneously moving into an unknown template. That place of “unknown” can nudge the mind to balk.

And that is where the gap is.

The GREAT news it that this template of the heart, this place of your Success Signature, is the biggest template of possibility and flow and safety available for you and your business.

A quote I keep hearing, coming from my guidance., “The greatest risk is to not risk.”

Yet, when we have risk, there’s that habituated tendency, “When is the other shoe going to drop.” We’re cringing like, “This is a little too easy. Wait a minute. This is not supposed to be easy.” So these old belief patterns get pushed and nudged and we get scared.

So, in this moment, as you may be feeling these things right now, allow your heart to be centered again. Bring your energy into your presence. Bring your energy into the sacred heart, into that place of the Success Signature. Feel yourself in that sacred chamber. Feel yourself in that heart space.

Now, it might not be a big win that has put you into a state of, “This is scary.” It may be no win or seeming lack that has put you into a state of, “This is scary.”

The antidote is the same… Just bring your energy into your heart center and allow yourself to situate in that Success Signature. Allow yourself to feel the presence of that.

THEN, let’s invite the mind in to witness what it’s like here in this beautiful, sacred chamber. Let’s invite the mind in to witness the safety that’s actually here when we are in our Success Signature, on this platform of knowing and creating flow.

The feeling of calm that may be seeping in right now is the heart’s sharing with the mind the richness of the Success Signature, which delivers kindness and compassion to the mind.

For so many years, what happened for many of us, and most on this planet, is that the heart was vacated. The mind was the only thing that was going to keep us alive and it was forced to perform a skill set that it didn’t know how to do. Now we’re telling the beautiful mind it can retire. It can relax. The heart’s got it. We’ve got it.

Just feel your mind relax into that. How does that feel?

Now, from this place, show the mind the big win that the heart created. Seriously. Show the mind and say, “This is what’s possible when you let me (the heart) guide the plane, when you let me be in command. This level of flow and success is what’s possible.” Tap into this feeling, Does it feel true?

Now, for those of you with the seeming “no win” or stuck or stalled energy that appears dominant… This is just a label that the mind attaches to something it doesn’t understand.

Once again, going into the heart and tapping into your Success Signature allows you to start to trust where you are right now. Whatever is happening in your business now is a stepping stone with which the heart is in process… to bring the next state of possibility, product, service and customers into existence.

This is your opportunity to inform the mind of the customers and clients that you’ve assisted. Feel into these clients and feel them discovering you and your products and services and, in the process, discovering their hearts. See them playing with you from that place of engagement and show the mind that this is the new model of business.

Now tap in. How’s the mind doing now? Many share that the mind appears to let go of it’s grip, that a new found trust of the Success Signature, the hearts guidance, is available.

Regularly tap into your sacred chamber – into your Success Signature. Any symptoms of success or lack of success, like fear, immobility, etc., can be used as a catalyst to move within then instantly address in your own place of mastery.

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